Paintless Dent Repair Explained-

Paintless dent removal is an eco friendly repair process that restores dents and dings back to its original state. The trained pdr tech gains access to the underside of the affected panel and gently pushes the dent back to its orginal pre damaged condition. In almost all cases the dents and dings will show no evidence of being repaired when preformed correctly. Your factory finish is restored and never harmed using this process. It is why major manufactures always choose PDR first over conventional repair process.

Using PDR means no fillers, primer, sanding or painting.

– Save tremendous time using pdr methond over conventional repair.
– Keep your factory finish.
Work carries a lifetime warranty.

There are some limitations to pdr and below are the most common.

Broken Paint-

When the paint has cracked it needs to be sealed
again as to not allow moisture and other contaminates to penetrate the
bare metal that now is exposed.

Streched dent –

This refers to when a hail dent or door ding
actually impacts so hard it physically stretches the dent creating
more and thinner metal than before. When this happens there is no
place for the new metal to go, and this causes the repair to need some
additional repair. Advacements have been made allowing us to fix many
stretched dents but some may still need additional repairs.

Limited Access – On some makes and models there is very limited access to use for repairs.

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